Ed Fallone for Supreme Court

I’m endorsing Ed Fallone’s campaign for Wisconsin Supreme Court because I believe he’s the right candidate to stand up for Wisconsin working families. Ed is running against a right-wing Scott Walker appointee backed by powerful special interests with deep pockets, and he’ll need all of us to do our part so he can reach voters across Wisconsin. Will you give to Ed’s campaign to help him reach his $20,000 May grassroots funding goal?


Our democracy is in danger. Our courts have the tremendous power to shape our political system. Right now, the wrong people are shaping our economy and political system in the wrong way and we’re ending up with less opportunity for Wisconsin working families. That’s why I ran for the Wisconsin Supreme Court and that’s why I’m backing Ed Fallone in this campaign.

Unfair laws and court rulings have disenfranchised already marginalized voters and changed the outcome of elections. President Trump has been busy packing our federal courts with lifetime appointments of young, right-wing ideologues who will do even more damage.

To protect our rights, we must look to our state courts. I’m endorsing Ed Fallone because he’ll defend the right of people to govern themselves, to have their votes counted, to live in districts that are not gerrymandered, and to elect officials who understand that they represent not just a narrow set of interests, but all Wisconsinites.

I hope you’ll join me in backing Ed so we can finish what we started and restore equality and self-governance to Wisconsin.

Ed is running against an ultra-conservative appointed by Scott Walker who has a war chest of right-wing, special interest money, and he’s counting on real people like you and me to fund his campaign. I’m asking, will you chip in to Ed’s campaign to help him reach his $20,000 May grassroots fundraising goal so he can reach voters all across Wisconsin?


Tim Burns


Ed Fallone has devoted his life to the law and ensuring that the Wisconsin legal system works for all Wisconsinites. Ed is running of Wisconsin Supreme Court to preserve the independence of the judiciary and defend our rights to equal treatment under the law and self-governance. If we work together, Ed will be the first Latino to serve on our state’s highest court and will bring a legal scholar to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.


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