Contact: Jordan Krieger
[email protected]
Brenda Konkel
[email protected]

Madison, WI – The Board of the Tenant Resource Center and Brenda Konkel have come
to a resolution of their disagreements. The resolution reflects the shared commitment to
the future viability and uninterrupted delivery of services of the Tenant Resource Center.
The prompt resolution of the matter would not have been possible without the expertise
of volunteer mediator Howard Bellman who brought over 50 years of experience as a
labor arbitrator and mediator to the table. Howard is a regular volunteer at the Tenant
Resource Center Housing Mediation Service at eviction court. As a stakeholder in the
Tenant Resource Center he appreciated the importance of reaching a resolution for this
important community resource.

The Board of the Tenant Resource Center agrees that Brenda never intentionally
undertook to harm the Tenant Resource Center by theft or mismanagement of any kind.
Brenda will be sharing her expertise and experience with the Tenant Resource Center in
a consulting role as part of ensuring both a smooth transition to the new Executive
Director and the continued viability of the Tenant Resources Center’s programs.

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