— The Assembly today passed a resolution to recognize the week of Thanksgiving as National Bible Week. 

“For centuries the bible has been recognized as the greatest book ever written,” the resolution’s author Rep. Paul Tittle, R-Manitowoc, said on the floor. “Whether you’re Catholic, Jewish, baptist or you just like to read the Bible, I’d encourage you to read the Bible during National Bible Week.”

The measure is meant to encourage Wisconsinites to read the Bible and promoted the text as “a great encouragement and comfort for many people throughout our state’s history.”

Before the floor session, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, said a resolution to recognize religions “is not something new.” 

Vos said the Assembly has recognized the Jewish faith in the past and that there was once even a Festivus pole displayed in the Capitol. 

The resolution passed 86-9.

See the resolution: 


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