American Bridge has announced a $5 million ad campaign across Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania that will include TV, radio and digital advertising as the Dem group targets “Trump defectors.”

The ads are part of a $50 million effort the group had previously announced in swing states in an effort to cut into Trump’s numbers with white, blue-collar voters.

The buy, which started Nov. 13 and runs for four weeks, initially includes $2.5 million in TV and radio in smaller markets with another $500,000 in digital ads, primarily on Facebook. Another $2 million is planned for December to push the buy into mid-January.

The Wisconsin piece of the campaign includes 30- and 60-second videos featuring David Soborowicz, who says he’s a plumber who lives just south of Eau Claire. He says in the video he recently lost his health care coverage through his employer.

“I backed Trump because he wasn’t a politician and that made him look kind of like me,” he says in the videos. “But he doesn’t know our life. In 2016, I voted for President Trump, but not this time.”

See the release:

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