Arlington, VA – America First Policies is airing a new television advertisement aimed at Congressman Ron Kind as it enters week two of its “End the Witch Hunt” campaign, a $2 million-dollar advertisement spend on 27 Congressmen who likely will be the swing legislators on an impeachment vote.

The second round of television ads will air in 9 districts until December 23rd, 2019.

To view the new ad, click here.

“One Democrat Congressman called it “hopelessly partisan”, another, “like something you would see in third world nations.” Your money wasted, your priorities ignored, a nightmare of legislative gridlock, but your Congressman, Ron Kind is still siding with them.”

Support for impeachment is shrinking and disunity is growing in the Democratic party everyday as Americans realize this a rigged process; yet Nancy Pelosi continues to waste time and taxpayer dollars on this witch hunt. America First Policies is going full court press with these ads to ensure that the pressure remains for Congressman Ron Kind to vote against impeachment.

The national campaign includes a $400,000 digital advertisement buy, $276,750 newspaper spend, and $1.6 million on cable and broadcast television.

Cora Mandy

Deputy Communications Director

C: (203) 980-1940

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