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Sent: Thursday, April 04, 2019 1:05 PM
Subject: Every vote counts!


Did you see Scott’s message? Tuesday night, Wisconsin saw what happens when Right-Wing groups swoop in with $1 million dollars of dark money at 11th hour. Now we have a supreme court race with results that are simply too close to call.

We need to make sure that every vote gets counted! Will you chip in to make sure that we do?

Every bit helps.



Sender: Scott Spector

Subjet line: Please chip in to ensure EVERY vote in Wisconsin gets counted


As you’ve probably heard, after massive spending by outside dark money groups, especially in the last ten days of the race, the contest for Wisconsin Supreme Court is likely headed to a recount.

We ran a spirited campaign, true to our fantastic candidate.

Judge Lisa Neubauer is a fair, independent, and impartial, and she was running against an avowed homophobe, who founded a private school that embedded discrimination into their mission and who gave multiple paid speeches to a hate group.

We’re disappointed that this race is too close to call, but we’re not defeated. This campaign isn’t over, and we need your support to ensure that every vote gets counted — please chip in $20.19 today.

Dark-money right-wing forces want to win this race so they can keep rigging legislative district maps in Wisconsin.

So they can continue to strip powers from the Democratic Governor and give them to Republican leaders in the legislature.

Their plan is clear, and it stopped us from winning outright last night. But together, we can fight back.

Please help Judge Neubauer fight off these dark forces with a contribution of $20.19 right now to ensure every vote gets counted.

Thank you,


Scott Spector

Senior Advisor

Judge Neubauer for Justice

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