July 23, 2018
Contact: Alec Zimmerman
(608) 257-4765

Candidate’s latest joke targets the developmentally disabled

[Madison, WI] — Mahlon Mitchell just can’t help himself. After three previous jokes got him in trouble, Mitchell is at it again. His latest target? Himself – cracking a self-deprecating joke comparing himself to an actor playing the role of a mentally disabled individual. While Scott Walker is making Wisconsin one of the top states for people with disabilities to find employment, Mahlon Mitchell is just trying to turn them into the punch line of his latest joke.

“Mahlon Mitchell’s latest joke is a disgusting attempt at attention and a few cheap laughs at a crowded forum,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesperson for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Instead of empowering those in our communities who are disabled, Mahlon Mitchell has decided he’d rather turn them into the punch line of his latest joke. More proof that Mitchell’s campaign for governor isn’t serious.”

More examples of Mitchell’s bad jokes:
In a video on Facebook, Mitchell tried telling a joke that used a racial slur, then lied straight to Wisconsin voters when asked about it – despite clear video footage to the contrary.

At a different forum, Mitchell decided to start things off with a crude joke about his wife.

Mitchell quickly followed the joke about his wife with a new one – this time focused on doing drugs and teen pregnancy.

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