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Evers repeatedly sides with union bosses over school districts on license revocations
[Madison, WI] — Following Tony Evers’ victory in the Democrats’ dangerous race to the left, the Republican Party of Wisconsin launched a substantial statewide television and digital ad campaign targeting the Democrat nominee for governor. The ad highlights Evers’ failure to revoke the license of a teacher who was caught spreading pornography in the classroom and shockingly made inappropriate comments about the bodies of middle school girls. Despite pleas from parents and administrators, Evers sided with union bosses. That teacher remains in the classroom today.
“Tony Evers is unfit to be governor after repeatedly siding with unions over families in failing to revoke the licenses of teachers who spread pornography in schools and made sexually inappropriate remarks about young girls,” said Mark Morgan, Executive Director for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “His ongoing failed leadership shows that we can’t trust Evers to act in the best interest of our state.”
News coverage has shown that Evers failed to revoke the license of teachers who were watching pornography in school, making inappropriate comments about the bodies of middle school girls, asking special education students to pull up pornography on their phones, and harassing co-workers while having lewd material on a school computer. In each case, school districts asked Evers to revoke the licenses of the teacher and in each case, Evers failed to do so.
You can watch the ad, entitled “Tony Evers Knew About It” here. The ad begins with a narrator saying:
“A teacher viewed and shared pornographic material at school. Tony Evers knew about it.
“The same teacher made sexual remarks about the bodies of middle school girls. Evers knew that too.
“Yet despite calls from parents and school officials, Tony Evers sided with the union and refused to revoke the teacher’s license.
“As Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tony Evers is supposed to keep our children safe. But he didn’t.”
Get the facts on the ad here and learn more about Tony Evers at
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