For Immediate Release
July 10, 2018

DPW Press: 608-260-2409
Austin Kieler, DPW LGBT Caucus: 920-637-0460

Madison, WI – Today, the Madison Common Council will vote on whether the city will ban LGBTQ+ conversion therapy from being used on minors. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) and the DPW’s LGBT Caucus released the following statements in support of the proposed ban.

“Conversion therapy is an incredibly harmful, dangerous, and abusive practice,” said Austin Kieler, chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s LGBT Caucus. “All it does is traumatize youth who are already at a higher risk of depression, suicide, and other long-term negative consequences because of the intolerance they face. Conversion therapy has no place in the city of Madison or the state of Wisconsin.”

“I urge the Common Council to support the proposed ban and, by doing so, support the LGBTQ+ youth of Madison,” added Kieler. “Recently, the City of Milwaukee joined the growing number of cities, counties, and states across the nation who are banning this cruel practice. It’s time Madison do the same.”

“By passing this ordinance, the Madison Common Council will help build a Wisconsin that welcomes everyone and celebrates our differences,” said Martha Laning, chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “We must stand up for our LGBTQ+ youth and let them know their sexual orientation and gender identity is not something they should try to change, it’s something they should be proud of. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin calls on the Madison Common Council to do the right thing and pass this ban on LGBTQ+ conversion therapy.”

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