UW-Milwaukee’s Innovation Accelerator,
1225 Discovery Parkway,

May 9, 4-6 p.m.

Do you have a great idea for a product but don’t have the equipment, tools, or know how to make it yourself? A professionally created prototype is the key to attracting partners and customers. Join us to learn about 3 local prototyping centers in WI that can help you make an initial proof of concept or your final product. Come to learn, network with entrepreneurs, companies, and licensing professionals, and enjoy refreshments. We will also be celebrating World Intellectual Property Day. We hope to see new faces!

You can also tour the UWM Innovation Accelerator Prototyping Center.

Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Free parking outside of building.


Kyle Jansson- Director, Prototyping Center
The UWM Prototyping Center is home to several of the most advanced prototyping and machining centers available to be able to fabricate nearly anything. But to operate the equipment to produce successful prototypes, it takes our staff of experienced machinists, model makers, and engineers. Custom parts for varieties of industries are designed, developed, and fabricated for anyone from campus researchers to private sector goliaths to independent entrepreneurs. Development efficiency is achieved from combining the unique capabilities of each machining center to best carry out the fabrication of components. Iterations of highly-complex designs are streamlined due to the rare integration of engineering and CNC machining centers being just steps away to provide a cost-effective means of achieving success quickly.

Helmut Keidl- President, Midwest Composites
Midwest Composite Technologies is a leading company in rapid prototyping and small batch production, combining stand-out, professional prototypes with unparalleled service. For the past 40 years, Midwest Composite Technologies has been dedicated to rapid prototyping and model making. Along with full-color 3D printing, plastic, nylon, and precision metal prototypes can be created at Midwest Composite Technologies. In the Midwest and around the world, service to its customers and the latest technologies have always been at the forefront of its priorities.

Vince Anewenter- Director, Rapid Prototyping Consortium
Established in 1991, the Rapid Prototyping Consortium continues MSOE’s tradition of building strong ties to business and industry. The Consortium includes industrial companies and educational institutions that cooperate in understanding the Consortium’s vitality and success in a high level of industrial parts design and fabrication activity. Companies that take advantage of the facilities and expertise within the Consortium become stronger and more competitive.

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