Contact: John Jacobson, (608) 255-7473

MADISON – Wisconsin Property Taxpayers, Inc. announced today that their organization is now finalizing plans with a large Wisconsin-based health insurance company to offer an association health plan for its members statewide.

“Wisconsin’s small businesses and farmers work tirelessly every day, in good times and bad, to make ends meet and to keep our local economies thriving,” Mike Marsch, president of WPT said. “Unfortunately for many of our members, the cost of providing health insurance for themselves, their employees, and even their families have been insurmountable.”

“That is why, for the better part of the past year, WPT has been in discussions with a local and reputable health insurer to take advantage of changes made within the federal government to create a statewide association health plan for our members,” he added.

“After a productive meeting late last week, it has become evident that within the coming months, we will have the opportunity to begin providing our local job creators with multiple, affordable options to fit their needs, and provide ease of access to this critical component of health and happiness while reducing their costs,” he said. “We are committed to doing whatever we can do to help our members succeed, and we are excited to make this announcement today.”

WPT is a membership association of thousands of small business, farm, and home owners throughout the state. The organization is still in the process of finalizing both legal and benefit details. As such, more specific information will be forthcoming.

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