Statement is in response to Gov. Scott Walker’s State of the State Address from WHA President/CEO Eric Borgerding

“It seems increasingly unlikely Washington will act to either stabilize or offer an alternative to the Obamacare insurance markets. Rather than stand by and watch the piecemeal deconstruction of Obamacare unfold, the Wisconsin Hospital Association has called on the state to strike its own path as necessary, including taking steps to stabilize the individual health insurance market using the tools available to all states under the ACA. We believe the time to act is now and are very encouraged by the Governor’s proposal to create a reinsurance mechanism to stabilize insurance premiums.

Currently, there are 11 insurers participating on the exchange market, four fewer than last year. The individual market experienced a 36 percent average increase in premiums in 2018. That cannot continue. We welcome opportunities to stabilize our markets and allow consumers to have affordable insurance choices. WHA looks forward to working with the Governor and Legislature as more details emerge.”

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