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This statement is from Wisconsin AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer and Workers Compensation Advisory Council Co-chair Stephanie Bloomingdale. 

Wisconsin Assembly set to vote on AB 308 authored by Rep. John Spiros (R-Marshfield), a bill that would dismantle the composition of worker advocates on Wisconsin’s Workers Compensation Advisory Council

Dismantling the decades long balance on the Workers Compensation Advisory Council by purging members of organized labor will undermine the Council’s credibility and will certainly deteriorate the system for injured workers in Wisconsin. Representatives from organized labor on the Workers Compensation Advisory Council have one purpose, to be the trusted voice and steadfast advocate for every working person in Wisconsin who unfortunately was injured on the job.

To recklessly alter the composition of the Advisory Council by seeking to remove the trusted worker advocates who serve on behalf of Wisconsin workers is pure partisan politics and would render the Advisory Council meaningless for injured workers of this state.

The functionality, balance, and good decisions of the Council rely on the equal balance of labor and management.

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