Gov. Scott Walker released the first 60-second ad of his re-election campaign today, touting efforts to create fab labs to teach high school students job skills.

The spot also talks up a $200 per-student increase in state aid included in the 2017-19 budget and a sparsity aid package that was paired with a boost to low-revenue districts.

The spot focuses on Three Lakes, which Walker says is “a small town doing some pretty big things.”

Three Lakes School Board member Terry McCloskey says the district started the first K-12 fab lab in the state “and Governor Walker has been very helpful to us with state funding.”

Special education teacher Wendy Walker, who’s not related to the guv, says the “extra $200 a year per student means a lot for small districts like ours,” and fab lab teacher Al Votis says the district is using the facility to teach “our students how to think critically and solve problems using hands-on experiences instead of lectures and tests.”

McCloskey adds the district is now training others on how to start their own programs.

“Wisconsin is a national leader in bringing Fab Labs to public schools, so small towns like Three Lakes can keep more of their graduates close to home,” Walker says before Votis said the guv’s commitment to funding education has “made Three Lakes a stronger community.”

The spot closes with Walker walking next to a man on a football field as the guv says, “How’s your arm? I’ll go long.”

Walker’s campaign said the spot will run on TV as well as online platforms.

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