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EAU CLAIRE – Rep. Dana Wachs, a Democratic candidate challenging Gov. Scott Walker in November, reiterated his support of the Child Victims Act today. Rep. Wachs issued the statement in response to a call by the Women’s March of Wisconsin that all candidates for elected office publicly support the legislation intended to protect survivors of child sexual abuse:

“Survivors of sexual violence must have protections under the law and, right now, Wisconsin’s laws fall short. There is simply no justification for a statute of limitations on child sex abuse.

“Wisconsin’s laws should reflect our values. We must protect children from sexual predators, and we must have the tools within the law to hold abusers accountable.

“Wisconsin is long overdue in passing the Child Victims Act. Democrats brought this legislation forward again and again only to be shut down or ignored by Gov. Walker’s supporters at the capitol. Give the bill a hearing. Pass it. Protect our children now.

“I have fought in the courtroom for individuals who have been sexually assaulted and have fought at the capitol for legislation to protect survivors. I will continue to fight for the people of Wisconsin every day. That’s why I’m running for governor, and it is what keeps me motivated to defeat Gov. Walker in November.”

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