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Trump is ‘making America great again and I’m going to stand with him’

Milwaukee — Proven conservative and U.S. Senate candidate Leah Vukmir was the clear winner in the U.S. Senate debate on Thursday, demonstrating to Republican primary voters why her consistent record is why they can count on her to represent Wisconsin.

One of the key moments of the debate was when Leah called out the fake news for trying to undermine President Trump in his agenda to make America great again, despite his many clear victories for working-class Wisconsinites.

“The liberal elite and the media want nothing more than to bring this president down,” Leah said. “I want to see this president succeed. When he succeeds, America succeeds. He’s doing exactly what he promised: making America great again.”

“President Donald Trump is making America great again and I’m going to stand with him.”

Her Conservative Track Record:

“I stood shoulder to shoulder with Gov. Scott Walker as we broke the stranglehold of public sector unions. I stand for these conservative ideas: I stand for life. I stand for Second Amendment. And most of all I stand for our Constitution. Not only can I talk about these values, I can stand by my record of fighting for them.”

On Immigration:

“We are a nation of laws. We cannot have any other conversation about DACA … until we build the wall. Then we can talk about a process for those DACA residents. But it can’t be a wave of the wand. They must go through a process to become a citizen of this country.”

On Healthcare:

“Under Obamacare, we have not created an affordable health care system. We have a broken health care system. We need to bring healthcare back to the states. We know how to take care of our neediest of needy, preexisting conditions. 

“We need an army of consumers with info and tools to make decisions about their health care. We need to unleash consumerism, bring it back to states, and solve our health care problems.”

On Trade:

“President Donald Trump is making a difference. Just this week we are seeing things change with the EU.  

“Nurses listen. We listen to our patients. I listen to my constituents and I will make sure we listen to everyone before making decisions.”

On Being Pro-Life:

“I have been 100% pro-life. It’s hard to be a nurse and not be pro-life when you spend your whole career saving lives.

“We are a country that cannot stand for death and murder. What about the unborn? What about that tiny innocent life? I will always stand for life.”

On Education:

Education was the issue that got me started in the first place. I’m passionate making sure decisions about education are made as close to home as possible. I trust parents.”

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