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Retired army colonel begins digital advertising effort to unseat career politician Kind

Osseo, WI – Steve Toft today announced a digital ad buy across the 3rd Congressional District, which highlights his military background and the need to replace Ron Kind in Congress.

“Visiting all 18 counties, traveling 25,000 miles and meeting thousands of voters has made it clearer than ever that it is time for Ron Kind to be retired,” said Col. Toft. “We are expanding our reach and delivering the message to households across the district. We are building a grassroots army and relying on hundreds of generous donors who are helping spread our message.”

View the ad here.

Col. Toft added, “Ron Kind is the epitome of a career politician.  Western Wisconsin needs a real leader who cares more about representing his constituents than being re-elected. For too long the 3rd District has had to deal with a career politician who says one thing at home and votes the opposite in Washington. The people of Western Wisconsin are fueling my campaign, while Ron Kind relies on millions of dollars from Washington special interests and lobbyists.”

The ad buy covers the entire 3rd Congressional District and will be featured on a variety of social media platforms and sites.

Toft grew up on a farm in West Central Wisconsin, graduated from UW-Eau Claire and returned to Osseo after retirement. He lives there with his wife of 28 years Carla, together they have two grown children. His wife Carla also retired with rank of Colonel.

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