“National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, we take time to remember those who valiantly defended their nation against the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, and to memorialize the more than 2,400 American lives lost in that attack. In doing so, we honor all of America’s veterans of that war, every one of them a member of the “Greatest Generation,” who selflessly devoted themselves to protecting our cherished liberty that fateful Sunday morning and for over 1300 subsequent days of bloody fighting. Their sacrifice and that of the men and women who followed in their valiant footsteps, remains emblematic of America’s commitment to freedom.

From a generation that came of age during the Great Depression, millions of our country’s best and bravest took up arms in a worldwide struggle against tyranny. We suffered a terrible blow at Pearl Harbor, but unbowed, this great nation and its ideals ultimately prevailed. The threats to freedom we now face against a new form of tyranny remind us that we owe much to those who served and those who died that day on Oahu.”

Steve Buyer—Chairman, House Committee on Veterans Affairs

To commemorate our brave soldiers, the Center for Veterans Issues will be hosting and honoring Pearl Harbor Day with a luncheon on December 7, 2018 from 12:00pm-3:00pm at Green Bay Veterans Manor located at 2900 St. Anthony Drive, Green Bay, WI.

Highlighted portions of the luncheon will include speakers from the Center for Veterans Issues and the dedication of the CVI quilting project.  Veterans crafted a queen size quilt, adorning it with military patches which honor the courageous men who serve(d) our country.  The quilt will be dedicated to Pearl Harbor day and will be permanently affixed in Veterans Manor.  Furthermore, a  table will be set honoring the “Missing Man”.  The “MissingMan” represents U.S. soldiers who are/were Prisoners of War (POW) and Missing in Action (MIA).

For more detailed information regarding the event, please contact:

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