GOP 1st CD candidate Bryan Steil is beginning his first TV ad of the campaign today, saying Washington needs Wisconsin-style solutions.

The spot opens with Steil saying he was raised on southeast Wisconsin-style values and therefore doesn’t “care much for Washington-style politics.” The ad shows him playing catch with a baseball and shaking hands with a man in a factory as sparks fly behind them.

“But I do know they need Wisconsin-style solutions,” Steil says as the word “style” is crossed out and replaced with his last name.

He goes onto say he works in manufacturing “solving problems, saving money, shipping products around the world.”

He then closes the spot, “So even though our conservative Wisconsin-style values might be out of style in Washington, you can count on me, Bryan Steil, to fight for them in Congress.”

Steil’s campaign said the ad will run on TV, digital and social media platforms.

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