AshLee StrongDoug Andres
WASHINGTON—House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) released the following statement on the passage of the conference report for the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act:

This is a major step forward in rebuilding our military. This bill invests in our service members, through both a pay raise for our troops and funding for updated equipment and training. It provides resources to ensure our armed forces are equipped to face the emerging challenges of modern warfare, includes strategic priorities for supporting our allies, and helps defend against hostility from countries like Russia and China. And it provides continued support for our military in the fight against global terrorism.  

“Our men and women in uniform deserve the assurance that Congress is committed to giving them the tools they need. This is the earliest we have finished the national defense bill since 1977, reflecting the urgency of this legislation and underscoring our commitment to our service members. I commend Chairman Mac Thornberry, the members of the Armed Services Committee, and all of the conferees for their tireless work.”

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