Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, the dean of Wisconsin’s congressional delegation, paid tribute to House Speaker Paul Ryan as the Janesville Republican prepares to leave Congress after this term.

The Menomonee Falls Republican also blamed Dems and the U.S. Senate for preventing Ryan, R-Janesville, from getting even more done in his time as speaker. He slammed Minority Leader Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., as the “country’s chief obstructionist.”

“And guess who supports ‘Chuckles’? Tammy Baldwin. Let’s get rid of her and get someone that wants to accomplish things,” Sensenbrenner said.

He added Ryan has not gotten proper credit for the work he’s put in to help the GOP cause, particularly the fundraising he has done on behalf of Republican candidates. Sensenbrenner said Republicans will miss that in future cycles.

Sensenbrenner recalled for GOP activists the gifts the two have exchanged over the years.

He said Ryan once gave him a empty five-gallon water bottle with Al Gore’s picture on it to capture methane from cows — a “cow-talytic converter.” Another year, Sensenbrenner received a half-gallon of prune juice, “which gave the impression that maybe I was full of it and aught to drink the prune juice.”

“One time, he gave me a bottle of blue pills to make me happy; Aleve, to clear up any doubt that you have in your minds,” Sensenbrenner said.

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