The state Senate briefly returned to the floor after a lengthy delay as GOP leaders tried to work out final details on the remaining extraordinary session bills.

The Senate began looking at the bill dealing with legislative oversight of waivers from the federal government. But Dems requested a return to caucus to look at the proposed changes.

Before hitting the floor, Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, told WisPolitics.com Republicans had agreed to limit that oversight to federal waivers dealing with healthcare. An amendment to the bill was introduced that would apply the section on waivers only to the Department of Health.

Fitzgerald also said the caucuse was still working through the other extraordinary session bill, which deals with administrative rules, among other provisions. He also said caucus didn’t yet have agreement on changes to absentee voting, which the Joint Finance Committee added to that bill.

Fitzgerald said the caucus was still planning to take up that bill and protections for pre-existing conditions, which will go last. He said the Senate GOP would keep working to finish bills and there were no plans to pull plug on the session.

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