If you are reporting on Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s reaction to President Trump’s first State of the Union Address, here are some numbers to keep in mind regarding where Baldwin has been over the last year:

  • 1,409,467: Wisconsin Trump voters
  • 95.5%:  Baldwin’s record of voting with Barack Obama
  • 21.3%:  Baldwin’s record of voting with President Trump
  • 90%:  Americans who will soon receive bigger paychecks despite Baldwin voting against middle-class tax reform
  • 1: Number of times Baldwin voted in the past month to shut down the federal government over illegal immigration, jeopardizing health care for sick Wisconsin children

“Tammy Baldwin’s empty rhetoric can’t hide her liberal track record of putting her partisan loyalty to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer ahead of the people of Wisconsin.” -SLF Spokesman Chris Pack

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