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MADISON, WI – The future of the state’s clean air is now being threatened by Republican bills that prioritize corporate profits over public health. Senate Bills 457, 459, 463 and 466, which roll back a series of state air quality protections, passed out of committee in the Senate today.

“The Republican agenda to roll back environmental protections is having a detrimental impact on our communities, jeopardizing public health and threatening our way of life in Wisconsin,” said Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse). “For our children and grandchildren to enjoy the same opportunities we have, we need to safeguard access to clean water, land and air and prevent special interests from taking unfair advantage of our environment.”

A recent report revealed that Wisconsin has dropped as a leader in conservation under Republican control. Additionally, an environmental toxicologist from the Department of Natural Resources has also been outspoken on the dangers of these four Republican-authored senate bills.

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