Contact: Senator Jon Erpenbach

Madison – The Village of West Baraboo has received payment for incorrect billing during the Hwy 12 reconstruction. The release of funds by the Department of Transportation(DOT) received praise from Village President David Dahlke and Senator Jon Erpenbach.

“After more than a year of trying to work this out with the DOT, I am happy taxpayers in West Baraboo will have the funds returned. Senator Erpenbach’s help on this issue really made things move forward. It is appreciated,” said David Dahlke, Village of West Baraboo President.

During the Hwy 12 reconstruction project, the Village of West Baraboo was overcharged and incorrectly charged around $60,000 by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Changes to the state DOT computer system caused problems with the repayment. While the DOT acknowledged the overpayment should be returned, the change in computer systems prevented repayment in a timely fashion.

“I am happy we were able to help bring this issue to a level where it could be resolved for the Village. Our communities have struggled with decreases in local funding from the state and an administrative problem should not hurt funding for West Baraboo even more. I am happy it is resolved and thankful that the Department of Transportation and Department of Administration were able to find a solution and make the repayment,” said Senator Jon Erpenbach.

Local communities often contact their elected officials seeking help resolving conflicts with state agencies. While there is not always a solution, it is nice when things work out.

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