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July 18th. On a Wisconsin Eye interview the first question Doug Lafollette was asked. “Now, you have been secretary of state for how long?
Lafollette answers back: “Well, I think around 25 years.
When he was contacted by politifact about his statement, he said he would have to “do a little calculation. Then later he emailed them back saying: Wow, I did some math. It looks like it is more like 40 years. His claim of 25 years was rated FALSE by Politifact.
That is the problem over the last 40 years Mr. Lafollette has had the office of secretary of state in hibernation. When some people take over a business it is said they run it into the ground if they can’t handle it. Well in Mr. Lafollettes case he has literally ran the office into the basement of the state capitol.

If a two term limit would have been in place in 1974 then he would have served until 1982 and the duties would never have been removed from the office and it would not be in the shape it is in today. If the democrats during the terms of Jim Doyle and the democratic majority would have thought restoring duties was a good idea when Lafollette was in office they would have retored them.

It is time to bring the office out of the hibernation it has been in, not 25 years but 40 years.

Duties will not be restored as long as Doug Lafollette remains in office.
We as taxpayers need to start getting our monies worth out of the office of secretary of state.

It will start on August 14th and November 6th.
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