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MADISON, WI — Kelda Roys, Democratic candidate for governor, criticized Scott Walker and his administration for failing to fill six election security posts at the Elections Commission. These posts are designed to safeguard Wisconsin’s electoral systems from cyber-attack during the 2018 midterm elections.

“Wisconsinites must have confidence in the security of our elections,” said Roys. “Scott Walker’s administration is dragging its feet on protecting our elections – leaving Wisconsin voters vulnerable to cyber-attack.”

Walker’s failure to fill key security positions comes amid numerous warnings that Wisconsin’s election systems are vulnerable to hacking, including from the highest levels of our national security apparatus.


According to officials, these vacancies will not be filled by the August primaries but will be in place for the November elections. That means Wisconsin’s new election security employees will have less than three months to protect elections “conducted on a local level by 1,854 communities, large and small.

“I call on the Walker Administration to immediately to fill these positions,” added Roys. “All of us, whether Democrats, Republicans, Independents, or another political flavor, deserve to have our elections run fairly and our votes counted. Given the dangerous Russian interference in the 2016 elections, leaving these posts vacant is gubernatorial malpractice.”


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