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Thousands Strike and March in Wisconsin to Demand Waukesha Not Enact 287G

WAUKESHA, WI – Today, Representative Greta Neubauer (D-Racine) attended the Day without Latinxs & Immigrants in Wisconsin, a general strike and statewide march in Waukesha, Wisconsin, organized by Voces de la Frontera and Youth Empowered in the Struggle.

May 1st is a national day of action for immigrant rights, and dozens of cities are holding marches to protest the Trump Administration’s cruel crackdown on immigrant communities. In Wisconsin, immigrant community members are organizing the Day Without Latinxs & Immigrants general strike and statewide march in Waukesha.

Representative Neubauer, Racine Alderman John Tate II, Representative David Crowley (D-Milwaukee), and Representative JoCasta Zamarripa (D-Milwaukee), who organized the Assembly Democrats in the march, joined thousands of immigrant workers, business owners, students, families, religious leaders, elected officials, and community supporters in gathering today at Cutler Park to protest Waukesha County Sheriff Eric Severson’s intention to turn his deputies into ICE agents through the 287g program. Over 100 businesses are closed in solidarity.

Sheriff Severson signed the 287g agreement with ICE in February of this year. In April, Severson announced that his deputies will receive 287g ICE training from June 13 through July 18, 2018. Under the Trump Administration, 287g agreements with police and sheriff departments have nearly tripled, from 29 in 2016 to 76 today. This is part of an unprecedented effort to turn local law enforcement into enforcers for the Trump Administration’s radical anti-immigrant agenda.

Wisconsin’s statewide “Day without Latinxs & Immigrants” strike actions have defeated Milwaukee County’s attempt to implement 287g and stopped proposed anti-sanctuary bills in the legislature.

“Immigrants have always been the foundation of our nation,” said Rep. Neubauer. “No member of our community should have to live with the fear and anxiety caused by the Trump Administration’s extreme anti-immigrant prejudice. No child should fear going to school. No family should live with the fear that parent might not come home from work at the end of the day.

“287g sows fear in our communities and puts the vulnerable at even greater risk. It undermines cooperation between our Latinx and immigrant communities and law enforcement. It creates distrust among neighbors. Implementing 287g will not make our communities safer, just more fearful.

“I’m proud to stand in solidarity with our Latinx and immigrant community members, and I urge Sheriff Severson to reconsider implementing 287g,” Rep. Neubauer concluded.

Co-sponsors of the day’s actions include Casa de Esperanza, SOPHIA, Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association (MTEA), Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals, American Federation of Teachers Local 212, Laborers Local 113, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1473, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, 9 to 5, Hmong American Women’s Association, Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition, Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Manitowoc Human Rights Coalition, Progressive Moms of Milwaukee, and the Wisconsin Working Families Party.

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