Madison…Governor Scott Walker gave his State of the State Address earlier today. Representative John Macco (R – Ledgeview) released the following statement:

I am proud to represent North East Wisconsin. In my district we have well-run townships, well-run cities and now we are seeing the benefits of a well-run state.

“As Governor Walker said, ‘the state of our state is historically strong’,” said Rep. Macco. “We are paying our bills on time, investing more in K-12 education, increasing our workforce, brought unemployment to a historic low and workforce participation rates to an all-time high, and we are able to backfill the hole created by Obama care by covering preexisting conditions and making it easier for Wisconsinites to get Healthcare.”

This is the third State of the State address Rep. Macco has attended as a sitting legislator.

“I was encouraged by Governor Walker’s comments regarding the rural initiative, expanding Badger Care and further investment in K-12 education. The Legislative Fiscal Bureau is reporting that Wisconsin will see a $714 million budget surplus! It just goes to show what prudent leadership can do to right the ship. We are now able to invest more into the programs that our citizens have come to expect.”

Click on the following link for a video clip from Rep. Macco on his reaction to the address:

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