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Positive investments in Rural Wisconsin

Madison, WI – Governor Scott Walker delivered his annual State of the State Address at the State Capitol Wednesday afternoon, promoting the historically positive condition of Wisconsin and outlining his top priorities for 2018.

One of those top priorities for the state included a strong focus on rural Wisconsin.  This includes a new $50 million annual investment in rural economic development projects, a $200,000 scholarship fund to encourage students to take agriculture classes, and a catch-up over the next five years for close to half of the state’s school districts that have been locked into low revenue limits since the early 1990s. Walker also mentioned TV White Space, a new technology that can help deliver broadband faster and farther to Wisconsin’s most under-connected areas.

“Governor Walker’s recent investments demonstrate our strong dedication to rural communities in Wisconsin,” Rep. Felzkowski said. “We are giving small businesses the opportunity to thrive and expand, providing students with an increased opportunity to learn these trades that built our great state, and allowing school districts the ability to give each student the tools they need to succeed, regardless of location.”

Many of these top priorities are achievable due to the recent projections from the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau that are now expecting the state budget to end with a better than projected $385 million surplus.

Felzkowski continued, “This surplus is further proof that our hard decisions and common-sense reforms continue to move Wisconsin forward. Our economy is booming and our state now has the lowest unemployment rate on record. These investments will have a huge impact on the constituents in my rural district, and I am proud to support them.”

For video comments from Rep. Felzkowski on the State of the State, please see:

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