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(608) 266-7746

Madison – This week the State Legislature held a “lame duck” legislative session to debate several bills introduced by Republican leadership in the Senate and Assembly. The bills roll back many powers of the Governor’s office and make it difficult or impossible for many departments of our state government to do their jobs. They total nearly 300 pages and were made public only four days before the session.

“My constituents have made it very clear that they want Republicans and Democrats in our state government to work together,” stated Rep. Dave Considine of Baraboo. “This is not how we do that. I voted against these bills because I am disheartened by this pettiness. I have gotten to know some of my Republican colleagues personally over the past few years and I know they are better than this.

“Regardless of what past legislatures have done in lame duck sessions, regardless of who you voted for in November, regardless of what political party you side with, our constituents deserve more. They are asking us to put our bitter feelings aside and follow the will of the people. I am ready to do that.”

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