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Madison – State Representative Janel Brandtjen (R- Menomonee Falls) has been a vocal critic of the past policies of the City of Milwaukee regarding its lack of a serious anti-crime strategy. Brandtjen, who represents Menomonee Falls, Lannon, Erin, and parts of Lisbon, Richfield, as well as Milwaukee, was one of the first to call on then Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn to resign. She cited Flynn’s flawed approach to his no chase policy, which Brandtjen said encouraged car-jacking and other crimes. Brandtjen pointed out that gangs from Chicago were given a green-light to do business in Milwaukee.

Chief Flynn has since resigned and has been replaced by Chief Alfonso Morales, who was the Commanding Officer of District Two in Milwaukee.

The new chief and his team met today with area legislators, including Representative Brandtjen, who issued the follow comment.

“I’m impressed how Chief Morales already appears to be taking this city in a positive direction. Having grown up in the city, Chief Morales understands the value of a ‘neighborhood approach’ to law enforcement. His officers will be spending more time becoming part of the community they serve and citizens will have the opportunity to see these officers as members of their community and not just ‘cops’. He supports bringing back detective work and will be looking for additional officers to help reenergize the morale of the department. Chief Morales isn’t interested in letting the past interfere with his plans and is dedicated to working towards the future.”

Brandtjen also stated that it appears that many of the policy changes that have already been put in place have driven the crime numbers down. Although carjacking and other problems continue to exist, she says she is confident that Chief Morales will be a positive influence for the entire Milwaukee area.

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