MADISON…Representative Tyler August (R-Lake Geneva) released the following response to Governor Walker’s State of the State Address:

“I agree that the state of our state is historically strong and share Governor Walker’s optimism for the future of our state. It has been almost 18 years since Wisconsin has seen unemployment this low. It is amazing to see that just eight years ago Wisconsin was facing unemployment over 9% and a multibillion dollar deficit. Now unemployment is sitting at an incredible 3% and the state financial outlook continues to improve.

I look forward to working with Governor Walker to improve on our already nationally renowned welfare to work program. We need to make it easier to get a job then to get on welfare. With unemployment this low and over 80,000 job openings, we need every able bodied individual in the workforce.

The state’s financial situation has shown that our reforms are working. Now is the time to start returning our budget surpluses back to the hard working families of Wisconsin. My district sent me to find ways to make government more efficient and reduce taxes. I’m happy to partner with Governor Walker to accomplish those goals.”

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