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As part of his mission to protect Wisconsin communities, Attorney General Brad Schimel announced that End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin (End Abuse) is expanding their Lethality Assessment Program with over $500,000 in federal grant funding. In a Wisconsin Department of Justice press release, the Attorney General added, “As a prosecutor for 29 years, I have seen how domestic violence can be lethal for not just involved victims, but for the first responders and surrounding community. The safety and health of families and communities is too critical; providing this proven tool is a tremendous step forward.”

Here’s what they are saying throughout Wisconsin on Schimel’s End Abuse program:

ABC-2: “On July 16, Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel announced a $500,000 grant for End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin to expand the Lethality Assessment Program. The Lethality Assessment Program’s goal is to help law enforcement identify situations in which a domestic violence victim could face serious injury or death by the hands of his or her abuser.”

Channel 3000: “20 Wisconsin counties are using the lethality assessment program, and two more are being trained using funds from the DOJ. The money will also be used to provide a homicide prevention specialist to End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin, the organization that runs the program.”

Fox 11: “Research shows that only about 4 percent of abused women had accessed a domestic violence hotline or shelter in the year prior to being killed by an intimate partner, illustrating that those who are perhaps at the greatest risk of homicide are not reaching out for help on their own.”

CBS 58: “Schimel says the program started in Milwaukee County in 2015 and hopes the money can help expand the program to 50 counties in the state that don’t have it.”

NBC 15: “Additionally, the program will serve to benefit law enforcement officials. Domestic violence calls are the most dangerous cases for police officers, according to Attorney General Schimel, and paired with the strain already put on the criminal just system, this program will help ensure domestic violence cases are handled effectively.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin already has scheduled training in St. Croix and Iowa counties, thanks to the influx of grant money. Monday’s announcement should be ‘a call to action for those remaining 50 counties to start using this tool,’ said Patti Seger, the organization’s executive director.”

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