Calvin Moore
NRSC Regional Communications Director
[email protected] | @CalvinMoore_

If there were any doubt Tammy Baldwin is out-of-touch with Wisconsin and only cares about the liberal “isthmus of Madison,” look no further than her plan to rally with Bernie Sanders in Eau Claire tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Senator Baldwin plans to campaign with perhaps the only Senator more out-of-touch with Americans than she is, but don’t worry, she’ll fit right in.

Since coming to Washington, Tammy Baldwin has voted with the radical socialist Senator a whopping 90% of the time. Not to mention, they both back every socialist pie in the sky idea from single-payer health care (and $16 trillion in tax increases to pay for it) to “free tuition” and a $15 minimum wage.

Sanders’ visit puts Senator Baldwin in quite the precarious position, as Senate Democrats have begun sounding the alarm about their party’s “wild-eyed” race to the left and how it will alienate voters in the Midwest. No wonder she looks ripe for defeat…

“Tammy Baldwin’s unapologetic embrace of her party’s craziest and most radical ideas may be rewarded with a rally by Bernie Sanders, but it only shows voters just how out-of-touch she is with the rest of Wisconsin,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Hard-working families in Wisconsin just can’t afford Tammy Baldwin and Bernie Sanders’ socialist taxpayer-funded giveaways or their misguided policies that will bring back record job losses, skyrocketing unemployment and economy-crippling tax hikes.”

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