Kevin Nicholson’s first TV ad of his Senate campaign declares “it’s now or never” for America.

The spot features Nicholson talking directly to the camera in a light blue shirt and navy blue blazer as the ad shows pictures of him during his service in the Marines and waving U.S. flags.

Nicholson said in Iraq and Afghanistan, “we fought for our country. Some of my fellow Marines died for it.”

He adds they didn’t serve to “let career politicians waste this moment.”

“The fact that Congress won’t build President Trump’s wall, won’t repeal Obamacare and refuses to end illegal immigration, it’s a disgrace to everything we’ve ever fought for,” he says.

The ad shows Nicholson’s name on the screen while he’s talking. In the final frames, the line “Endorsed by Wisconsin Right to Life” appears under his name. A spot from a super PAC backing Nicholson opponent Leah Vukmir knocks the business consultant for comments he made while president of College Democrats supporting abortion rights. Wisconsin Right to Life has issued a dual endorsement in the race of Nicholson and Vukmir.

To close the ad, Nicholson says he approves the message because “too much is at stake. For America, it’s now or never.”

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