I hope this finds you doing well.  Many of you have received poisonous emails and mailers to your homes recently from the Vukmir campaign — and I share your disappointment that State Senator Vukmir has taken to such negative tactics.

State Senator Vukmir previously sent out a fundraising email directly stating that I have “no real principles.  As each of you know, one cannot serve successfully as a husband, a father, a Marine officer or a businessman if you have “no real principles. My principles have guided me in each of these roles, and while I’m imperfect like the rest of us, my principles have been forged from experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

The mailings many received today are more evidence of the Vukmir campaign’s willingness to attack another Republican standing for conservative values — rather than beating Tammy Baldwin.

As my campaign takes the fight to one of the nation’s most liberal US Senators, Tammy Baldwin, Vukmir’s campaign is mired in the muck of the Republican-on-Republican attacks that the members of our party have repeatedly asked both of us to avoid.

The developments today serve as a good reminder of where this primary race stands. I have raised over $1.1 million in the past fundraising quarter (and roughly $2.3 Million since entering this race) — outpacing State Senator Vukmir by more than double. Additionally, both public and private polling show my lead in the race significantly expanding;  our campaign’s most recent internal analysis reveals that I am about 18 points ahead on a statewide ballot. Additionally, I have recently received the endorsement of a dozen county sheriffs from across Wisconsin, and have the endorsement of US Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, former Ambassador and National Security Advisor John Bolton, the Tea Party Patriots, the Club for Growth, and Wisconsin Family Action PAC, among others. We now have about 9,000 Wisconsin voters who have donated to our campaign from all 72 counties.

All of these people agree: I am the candidate best equipped to defeat Tammy Baldwin this November and get to Washington to help advance President Trump’s agenda.

When you’ve been shamelessly smeared, human nature is to counter-attack. But my focus has been and continues to be centered on taking aim at the real opposition: career politician Tammy Baldwin, and her liberal extremist allies.

Together, we will win this race by standing united as we advance a conservative agenda that protects our shared values and principles — and is good for the people of Wisconsin and our  nation as a whole.

I hope to see many of you this weekend at the convention or across the state in the coming weeks and months.

Semper Fi,

Kevin Nicholson

P.S. Do you plan to go to the Republican Party of Wisconsin convention this weekend? Can you let me know so that I can make sure to say hello to you there? Click here to share your plans!

P.P.S. I am hosting a phone call tonight for conservative activists like you at 7:00 p.m. I hope you will be able to join us and ask me any questions you may have. My team will give you a call a few minutes before 7 to connect you, or you can call in at 262-269-3946. Looking forward to talking with many of you then!





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