(Delafield, WI) – Cheyenne Foster, Campaign Manager for Marine veteran and political outsider Kevin Nicholson, issued the following statement regarding the Wisconsin Right to Life PAC Endorsement of Kevin Nicholson:

“The Wisconsin Right to Life PAC endorsement of Kevin Nicholson is a direct rebuke of the misleading attacks that Leah Vukmir and her allies have made on Kevin’s pro-life beliefs. While Kevin was not raised in a pro-life home, his faith, the birth of his children, and his time spent in combat where he saw the loss of innocent life made an enormous impact on his views, leading to his strong and undeniable support for life.

In addition to their work to protect human life, the pro-life community works tirelessly to educate and encourage people to embrace the importance of protecting innocent life, as Kevin has. Attacking or questioning a person’s individual journey to supporting life is an affront to the many who have experienced the same conversion. We are thankful the Wisconsin Right to Life PAC recognizes Kevin’s true belief in protecting life – along with Wisconsin Family Action who has also endorsed him, and Pro-Life Wisconsin, who gave him a 100% rating.”

Kevin Nicholson went on to express his appreciation for the Wisconsin Right to Life PAC’s endorsement:

“I am honored to receive this endorsement. My focus remains on defeating Tammy Baldwin so that sensible people can work together to protect innocent life. The importance of defeating Tammy Baldwin was highlighted again this week, when Baldwin indicated that she wouldn’t support President Trump’s nomination of Constitutional originalist justices like Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who understand that our Constitution is fundamentally a pro-life document.”

Nicholson is a decorated Marine Corps veteran who served combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He currently works as a business consultant, helping companies solve their toughest problems. He is a first-time candidate running in the Republican primary to defeat Democrat Tammy Baldwin. He and his wife live in Delafield with their three young children.

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