The national Club for Growth started a new TV ad Wednesday that says President Trump “needs fighters in the Senate” like Republican Kevin Nicholson.

The TV ad is the first from the group following its endorsement of Nicholson last year in the race for U.S. Senate. It also follows a spot from Wisconsin Next PAC, which is backing Nicholson’s GOP rival, state Sen. Leah Vukmir. That ad said Trump needs an ally in the Senate, but that’s “not Kevin Nicholson.”

The spot is through CFG Action Wisconsin, a political arm of the national organization. The ad declares on the screen Trump and Nicholson are “outsiders,” as the narrator says the business consultant and former Marine has a “real plan to help Trump drain the swamp by placing term limits on Congress and the Senate.”

The narrator goes on to say Nicholson’s plan would stop any effort by Dems or Republicans “to bring back wasteful earmark spending” and prevent “Beltway bureaucrats from killing jobs with overregulation.”

The narrator closes the spot saying, “Marine. Outsider. Conservative. Kevin Nicholson for Senate.”

The spot started on cable Wednesday and was expected to start on broadcast TV Thursday.

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