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Delavan, WI — Republican U.S. House candidate Paul Nehlen presents this research to the Wisconsin and national news media for the purposes of making the public aware of a fraudulent candidate in our midst.

“I was told face-to-face by a sitting U.S. Congressman in the fall of 2017 that if we kept doing what we were doing shining light on Paul Ryan, he would most certainly step down, that he was planning to push through an enormous Omnibus and avoid fully funding President Trump’s wall. Furthermore, this source shared that the GOP already had their replacement picked and he was a nobody from a well-connected family in Wisconsin. He went on to tell me that I ought to expect another candidate to show up from the deep state ranks to split my vote so that the GOP chosen candidate would win.” stated Nehlen.

“Paul Ryan did in fact push through a massive Omnibus, and did in fact avoid funding the wall that President Trump, myself and America need for the safety and security of this nation,” Nehlen continued. “The GOP pushed all experienced Wisconsin pols aside in favor of Paul Ryan’s former driver, Silver Spoons Stile, just as was predicted.”

“That leaves us with the last prediction which came true, with deep state candidate Nick Polce, who has portrayed himself as a Lake Geneva businessman, coming to the district in 2016, as directly or indirectly reported hereherehere, and here. Mr. Polce claims that he is a real estate investor but only has two properties to his name: the one he just purchased in Wisconsin in October 2017 to live in, consistent with the predicted behavior of the prophesied carpetbagger, and a two bedroom property in Fountain, Colorado with an assessed value of $8,570. Lastly, if Polce were here since 2016, he’s only voted twice and both of those times were in 2018: February 20th, and April 3rd. That information is available for Nicholas Polce with a birthdate of 05/05/1979 at

“I’ve endured false accusations that I’m a racist, a bigot, and an anti-semite, none of which are true. The fact of the matter is the Wisconsin GOP cannot control me like they can Silver Spoons Stile, so they cover for this vote splitting carpetbagger Nick Polce. Voters want a strong America First Trump supporter, and that’s me. By their cowardly debate-avoiding behavior, we know it’s neither Stile nor Polce. I’ll not silently watch as the deep state maneuvers to add another #NeverTrump attorney, Silver Spoons Stile, to the D.C. swamp. I pray there are still journalists left in America with the integrity to independently verify this report, and publish the full account,” Nehlen concluded.

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