Statement of Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton

The entire City of Milwaukee saw and heard the pain of Police Chief Alfonso Morales when he announced only a few hours ago that the life of a police officer had been taken in the line of duty.

Tonight, we stand and grieve with him and all the men and women who have sworn to protect and serve this community.

A department that had not seen an officer taken in over two decades has now lost two in fewer than two months.  The first was an eager young officer.  This last, we are told, was a well-regarded veteran.

We will all learn more in the coming days about the circumstances of this incident, the name and story of the officer killed, and what might have motivated this horrific violence.

Tonight, however, it must be enough to mourn a life lost, to pray for strength for his family and friends, and to pray for healing for the other victim or victims injured in this incident.

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