Christine Welcher
Campaign Manager
Phone: 608-279-2733
Email address: [email protected]

McCabe supporters will express their political voices by adopting bridges over major highways throughout Wisconsin today, Wednesday, May 23rd, between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. This political action is an outgrowth of People Powered Billboards which started last fall in communities throughout Wisconsin by people who feel that those who represent them are no longer listening to them or responding to the needs of their communities. Rather, representatives are listening only to the wealthy and well-connected few who can afford to make large donations to political campaigns. Mark Neumann of La Crosse shared, ” People to people, person to person. People Powered Billboards is a way to greet neighbors and rekindle hope for democracy.”

Volunteers have found these people powered billboards to be one extremely effective and satisfying way to express their political voices while raising awareness of the very different type of campaign Mike McCabe is running. They plan to take this initiative from the busy local streets to even busier interstate highways by adopting bridges which over-pass various interstate highways on Wednesday, May 23rd as a way increase awareness of McCabe’s campaign and celebrate his 58th birthday. Participants will hold banners for McCabe and encourage passers-by to vote in the primary on August 14th.

Another La Crosse resident, Ralph Knudson, shared, “People-Powered billboards and Adopt a Bridge is nothing less than regular people sharing their passion for what’s possible with Mike McCabe’s vision of a newly revived Wisconsin democracy; created by and responsive to regular people and not to moneyed political elites. Our signs come from the heart.”

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