Contact: Christine Welcher
Campaign Manager
Phone: 608-279-2733
Email address: [email protected]

Mike McCabe’s Principle Over Party campaign for governor today submitted the maximum number of nomination signatures to the Wisconsin Elections Commission to earn a place on the ballot for this year’s election. Volunteers in every part of the state circulated nomination papers for McCabe and gathered well over to 5,000 signatures to date with more arriving each day.

State law requires candidates for governor to submit at least 2,000 signatures and not more than 4,000 to be listed on the ballot for the August 14th primary and the November 6th general election. McCabe’s campaign submitted 4,000 and was the 2nd gubernatorial campaign to do so.

“The outpouring of support from all across the state has been unbelievable,” said Christine Welcher, McCabe’s Campaign Manager. “The sheets started arriving a week ago and it’s been steady since. The post office employees know me by name now.” Envelopes with as few as 4-5 signatures to large packages with several hundred have been arriving daily at Welcher’s home as she prepared for the official filing today, which coincides with Mike’s 58th birthday.

“Some have obviously been family members who wanted to show support, while others were volunteers who walked their neighborhoods. Seeing the addresses and postmarks from all over the state has been so inspiring. This truly is a People Powered Campaign and I can’t express enough how appreciative I am for that support, ” said Welcher.

Mike McCabe will officially be on the ballot for the August 14th primary and will be allowed to speak at the upcoming Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s State Convention on June 1, 2018.

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