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Christine Welcher
Campaign Manager
Phone: 608-279-2733
Email address: [email protected]

In a poll of preferences for the election for governor, Mike McCabe was the clear favorite of members of Our Wisconsin Revolution, the state chapter of the national organization formed to build on the energy from Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. According to an email released Monday, McCabe won more than 57% of the vote, with Kelda Roys coming in a distant second with less than 15%. Mahlon Mitchell and Kathleen Vinehout tied for third with just under 11%. Support for other contenders for the Democratic nomination to be decided in the August 14 primary election was in low single digits, with Tony Evers getting 4% of OWR members’ votes and Paul Soglin receiving 2%.

“We are delighted by the results and are encouraged OWR was willing to share them with us,” said Christine Welcher, Campaign Manager. “The Progressive wing in Wisconsin is excited by our grassroots, People Powered campaign and they are stepping up in droves to support us, volunteer for us and push us through the Primary. It’s really an amazing feeling to see the conversations go from ‘Mike’s Campaign’ to ‘Our Campaign.'”

McCabe’s Principle Over Party campaign emphasizes volunteer-driven grassroots campaigning as McCabe is the only candidate in the race refusing to take the huge political donations candidates for governor can legally accept. While state law allows donations as large as $20,000 from individuals and $86,000 from political action committees, McCabe’s Principle Over Party campaign is not taking any single donation over $200. Supporters are allowed to give more than once, but no more than a total of $1,000 for the entire campaign.

McCabe is practicing what he preached for many years. He is a longtime independent watchdog and clean government advocate. He helped start the nonpartisan Wisconsin Democracy Campaign and led the group for 15 years as its director, working to track the money in elections and expose corruption resulting from the transactions between wealthy donors and elected officials. He went on to start up the grassroots group Blue Jean Nation to empower citizens to challenge the political establishment to change its ways.

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