July 17, 2018

Contact: Melissa Mulliken, 608/206-1818

After a career as Madison’s longest serving and most effective Mayor, Paul Soglin announced today he will not seek re-election in April 2019.

“The people of Madison have honored me by their trust and confidence over 22 years,” Soglin said. “Making a city run well is something I do well. I am leaving the city of Madison different and I think stronger. I’ll miss the talented, hardworking people who work for the city. We have one of the great workforces in municipal government, anywhere.”

Soglin also spoke about the timing of his announcement. “I want to give candidates for Mayor, who have begun to emerge, the time and space to make their case to the voters. There are three announced candidates for the office. One of those candidates, Satya Rhodes-Conway, is eminently qualified.”

Soglin is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Governor of Wisconsin. That election is August 14.

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