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“President Trump spoke to the heart of the Midwest tonight. He reminded America of the opportunities that come from a technical college education and our commitment to those seeking another shot after making mistakes. He told heartland moms like me that our families would be safe and that our children would be protected.

“As a cancer survivor and daughter of a brave father who lost his battle with cancer, I am overjoyed by the President’s commitment to ‘Right to Try.’ This policy would ensure that terminal patients would have a last shot in fighting a death sentence.

“The only moment that may have overshadowed these policy highlights may have been when the President declared, ‘in God we trust.’ While heralding heroes, an economic surge, and the tax changes that allow regular folks in middle America to keep more of our own money, the President gave credit to the Lord. President Trump is nothing if not candid, and in tonight’s account of the state of our union, it is clear that he knows God blessed America, and that those in elected office have opportunity to preserve the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness given to us by our Creator…not government. What a joy to hear the right priorities…in the right order.”

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