Brad Wojciechowski

920.540.5875, [email protected]

Green Bay — “While I can agree with the infrastructure package that President Trump offered tonight during his first State of the Union, we need to do more to address the everyday concerns of middle class families. This past year, the dysfunction in Washington has not addressed the needs of Northeast Wisconsin. We need leaders who will have our backs by creating good paying middle-class jobs, tackling the ever-rising debt, and passing a comprehensive healthcare bill that will hold insurance and drug companies accountable. By passing a comprehensive healthcare reform package, we will be protecting our most vulnerable citizens from the skyrocketing healthcare costs created by this Republican Congress. This is a moral obligation. Families like my own who suffer from pre-existing conditions need to have confidence in our leaders who value the needs of their constituents. I have a two-prong solution. First, we need a short-term fix to get more middle-class families covered by healthcare subsidies. Second, Congress needs to actually take the time to study a bipartisan solution to our healthcare crisis. Every expert and stakeholder in our healthcare system should testify in public open hearings to offer solutions. Only then will we achieve a bipartisan solution.”

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