Madison, WI – The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin announced the State Convention for 2018 which is set for April 14th at the Best Western Park Hotel in Madison, WI. The convention’s dinner Keynote Speaker will be freedom advocate Jeffery Tucker. The mornings business meeting will focus on the adoption of platform changes and preparation for the fall elections. Libertarians from around the state that are planning on running for local, state, and federal office will be speaking at the event as well.

“This convention is a big step forward in our growth as a state LP affiliate, and for the liberty movement in Wisconsin. It’s also a great kickoff to the 2018 election season, in which we expect to break vote total records and offer a true alternative to politics as usual,” said LPWI Chair Phil Anderson.

The Libertarian Party is expecting a record turnout for the fall election and see the convention as a focal launching point for the parties continued growth.

Tickets are available for the entire day’s events or for the evening dinner and Keynote speech by Jeffery Tucker. The morning business meeting is free to attend for all LPWI members in good standing. All members must be in good standing to vote at the convention, however, the public may attend the business meeting for free.

Tickets are available at

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