Contact: John Lehman
personal phone: 262-880-3508
personal email: cathieorchard

“Today I am declaring my candidacy for Representative, 62nd Assembly District.

“It is important in this election year, with so much at stake, to put even gerrymandered districts like the 62nd in play. A full slate of Democratic candidates reflects the “all hands on deck” nature of this crucial election cycle.

“I am calling for an end to the expensive, destructive policies of Robin Vos and Scott Walker. It is time to return some evenhandedness and sanity to Madison.

“We citizens watching the give-aways or attempted give-aways of “black box” legislation, frac sand cases and Foxconn have had enough. In recent legislative sessions we have had too many ‘rubber-stamp Republicans’ loosening environmental protections and attacking Wisconsin consumers and taxpayers in favor of big business funders. I challenge the Republican nominee to public debate on these and many more important issues.

“Scandal and arrogance characterize Speaker Robin Vos’ Republican leadership. The attack on our courts and international junkets must end. Advocates of local control and taxpayers deserve better. We’d all be better off if Republicans did not control the Wisconsin State Assembly.

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