WisconsinEye screenshot.

Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch warned attendees that Democrats are seeking to change the state Constitution to end concealed carry, allow late-term abortions and reverse a series of reforms the GOP has enacted in Wisconsin.

She said among the other changes the group of “liberals in the back room of a Madison chamber” are allowing a “liberal judge” to determine the minimum wage, bringing back the prevailing wage for public projects and let the state superintendent set school taxes.

She said the game plan they proposed is to make changes in the Constitution “that could potentially outlast use all,” and they “want to raise your taxes by billions of dollars in order to fund it all.”

Kleefisch praised Gov. Scott Walker, saying his heart is full of conservatism, bold reform and love for Wisconsin and its people.

“And that’s why they’re coming for him, that’s why they’re coming for us,” Kleefisch said.

She called on attendees to revisit the party’s principles.

“It’s time to revisit our principles, because we are the party of principles,” Kleefisch said.

This post is part of our coverage of the 2018 state GOP convention in Milwaukee. See the rest of our coverage here: https://staging.wispolitics.com/category/gop-convos/


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